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Current Issues

This page provides more details on some of the hot topics the Council is currently working. If you have any comments or suggestions then please contact our Clerk

Current Issues are:

Traffic: Congestion, Speed, Accidents and Sizewell C

Finance: Budget Setting and Business Rates

Websites: Why does Coddenham have multiple websites?

Planning: The Dukes Head

Parish Council Noticeboard 


Traffic: Congestion, Speed, Accidents and Sizewell C

Last Updated: 20th January '21


Those that live on, or near, the High Street and Church Road will be aware of the increasing problems of congestion, particularly when there is a problem with the main roads, or the Orwell Bridge, and our parish becomes a cut-through. Some of you will be aware that recently an ambulance on the way to an incident was stuck in the High Street and couldn't reach its destination.

Over the years the Council has been very active however it is not a simple issue to solve. The High Street is notorious for congestion problems which have a knock on effect on Church Road and School Lane. We know that cars parked are being hit and there have been a number of significant accidents. The Council is in regular discussion with Suffolk Council Leader Matthew Hicks, Mid Suffolk District Councillors Tim Passmore and John Whitehead. Tim is also Police & Crime Commissioner for Suffolk.

In December '20 some of our Parish Councillors met with Matthew Hicks and a range of improvements were discussed. As a result Matthew Hicks has sent on our requirements, with his endorsement, to Suffolk County Council Highways. It will take a few months before we hear a response back but this will continue to be reviewed by our "B1078 and Highways Working Group" chaired by Cllr John Peecock as well as the full Parish Council.

This is timely because of a review of the effectiveness and the routes for the Suffolk Lorry Route Network (LRN). The LRN is designed so that HGV lorries should not come down the High Street and are only allowed to go up-hill. We are part of the Lorry Watch Scheme however we have reported that it is not effective and despite raising examples the LRN is Suffolk, run by Trading Standards, have not taken action against a single offender.  Useful link: https://www.suffolk.gov.uk/roads-and-transport/lorry-management/

Congestion is clearly not an easy issue to resolve in Coddenham, it has not been solved despite it being a priority for many years. It is going to take a significant change to make a difference, such as a bypass around Ipswich so that we are not a rat-run for access from the A14 to the coastal side of our county (particularly an issue with Sizewell C coming). When transformational options have been previously put in front of residents there has been strong objections, and therefore the congestion, and associated risks to property, injury to people and impact on property prices continues to be a major issue with no apparent solution.

Impact of Sizewell C

Of significant recent concern are the plans for Sizewell C. Having reviewed this development the Council has written to the Planning Authority to express our serious concern about the lack of infrastructure to support this development and the direct impact we expect on our Parish. For more details please read our response letter by clicking on Parish Council Response Letter: Sizewell C

As part of its response to EDF Energy’s latest community consultation on its application for Sizewell C, Suffolk County Council (SCC) has welcomed the energy provider’s movement towards reducing the number of additional heavy good vehicle movements on Suffolk’s roads and increasing the use of rail and marine freight deliveries during site construction. SCC has urged EDF Energy for many years to maximise freight deliveries by sea and rail and significantly, being of the view that the transport proposals were not sustainable, so it welcomes the proposals for an additional Beach Landing Facility on Sizewell Beach to bring construction materials in by sea, as well as an additional night-time rail delivery of materials to site. In its response, SCC also reflects that many of the proposals offered still lack vital elements in detail and assessment at this stage – such as impacts of the proposals on the coastline or night-time disturbance of residents living close to railway lines. SCC would welcome the opportunity for further dialogue with SZC C to better understand details of the current proposals, and the evidence base which has led to them.It is encouraging to see that EDF Energy has begun listening to the concerns raised by SCC and Suffolk’s communities include the input from our Parish Council. Recognising the need for further detail, SCC does welcome the principle of the changes proposed by EDF Energy, as they begin to address some of the concerns repeatedly raised. However, there still remains work to be done if the scheme is to be acceptable to SCC and local communities - not least in the area of further eliminating, minimising, mitigating, or compensating for the impact of the scheme on Suffolk’s unique natural environment.


A 20mph speed restriction was introduced a few years ago to help reduce speeds in Coddenham. Unfortunately, Suffolk Police has stated that exceeding speeds in a 20mph area will not be enforced.

The Day Foundation has provided the Council with a speed indicator device which you can see on School Road. Many thanks to Colin Hardy for managing the speed indicator device and providing the results.

The pie chart on the right is the most recent data (August to November 2020). This measured more than 34,000 vehicles with 59% within the 20mph limit, and 90% not exceeding 25mph. The worst offender was travelling at 54mph.

SID Data

Traffic Speed Results – School Road (August – November 2020)

The Parish Council welcomes any suggestions or comments from parishioners as to how to reduce traffic, reduce accidents and reduce traffic speeds through our parish. Please contact us via the Parish Clerk

Finance: Budget Setting and Business Rates

Last Updated: 15th December '20

During October to January all parish councils set their budgets for the next financial (which runs from April to March). We have started our budget planning for next year, 2021/22, and this is a priority for us because it directly affects the amount of Council Tax we all have to pay.

The Parish Council budget is broken down into four main areas, plus our general reserve fund (for emergencies). The chart below shows how these four parts make up our precept income.

Precept Breakdown

1)    The “Ongoing Costs”

These are the costs for a range of services in the parish, this ranges from our Clerk's salary, street lighting, maintenance of the churchyard, tree surgery, ground maintenance to dog litter bins. This is typically around £13,000 per year and means that the average Band D household will pay £45 a year for these costs.

2)    The Community Centre Loan

This is the cost of repaying loans, taken out when the community centre was first built, for the purchase of the centre and surrounding land. Unfortunately, the Council at the time (none of whom are now involved with the current Council) took a decision to decline an offer of financial support from The Day Foundation and instead took out a Government loan. These loans will be fully repaid by 2030. This decision has left the parish with a significant financial burden which is why the precept payments in our Council Tax payments are one of the highest in Suffolk.

For the last three years The Day Foundation has kindly been able to fund this loan, thereby preventing the need for it to be paid for through the precept payment. However, following a drop in recent investment income, the Day Foundation have notified the Council that they will be withdrawing future financial support. As a consequence, going forward we have no choice but to include the repayment of this loan into the precept payment in the Council Tax bills that we all pay. The total cost is just over £13,000 a year and means that the average Band D household will pay £45 each year for the next decade just to repay the loan.

3)    Supporting the Community Centre CIO

in 2019 the Parish Council transferred ownership of the Community Centre building, tennis courts, bowls green and the recreational area to a newly formed charitable incorporated organisation (CIO). The Parish Council has funded the Community Centre more than £30,000 for this year and last, in addition to providing £25,000 reserve funds. For 2021/22 agreement has been reached between the Parish Council and the Coddenham Centre CIO to fully support the CIO budget proposal of £13,136. This means that the average Band D household will pay £45 next year for these costs.

The Parish Council has funded the Community Centre CIO £15,286 for this year (20/21) and the same for the previous year (19/20), this is in addition to providing £25,000 reserve funds (a total of £55,000 in two years). This is a significant commitment from the Parish Council in addition to taking on the original loan in point 2) above.

4)    Business Rates

Mid Suffolk District Council is seeking business rate payments for the community centre, tennis courts and bowling green. Unfortunately, the previous Parish Council was advised that business rates would not be due and made no provision. This totals almost £10,000 for the past three years. In order to minimise the impact on the precept we have reached an agreement to spread the payment over three years and we are separately challenging the rateable value applied to parts of the premises. The outcome of our challenge will not be known until 2021.

Our Parish Councillor John Peecock is leading the review and challenge of these charges. The payment in 21/22 will be £4,000 and means that the average Band D household will pay £15 a year for these costs.

5)    General Reserve

In addition to the operating costs we also hold a ‘General Reserve’. This is used for when we need exceptional items of expenditure. A recent example was when the Church wall needed urgent repairs. The reserves have reduced over recent years and we need to ensure we have sufficient reserve funds. By the end of this year we expect to have just £12,000 in our general reserves and we expect we will need to increase this in next years budget.

What This All Means For The Precept Payment We All Pay In Our Council Tax

These groups of costs mean that the precept payments need to cover £26,000 (£90 per Band D house) for the Community Centre, plus £13,000 of ongoing costs and £4,000 business rates. A total of £43,000 for next financial year which works out at ~£150 per household (Band D average). Note this doesn't include increasing reserve funds. This year (20/21) the total precept payment was £37,810 which worked out at £136 per household (Band D average).

The amount you pay to the Parish Council through your Council Tax bill is based on the total precept divided by the number of houses, and the council tax band of your property.

The current Coddenham Parish Councillors are committed to supporting community initiatives and reducing the precept payment, and for your council tax payments to be at comparable levels with other parishes. However, this will take a number of years to achieve mainly because of the repayment of the Community Centre loan up to 2030.

The Parish Council fully supports the leadership team of the Coddenham Centre CIO and are certain that with access to funds available now that the Centre has charitable status, the range of great services offered, and the new management team that they will turn around the previous loss-making venture into surplus over the coming years, thereby reducing the demand on parishioners in their council tax.


If you have any questions or concerns please contact our Parish Clerk or join us at a Parish Council Meeting.


Websites: Why does Coddenham have multiple websites?

Last Updated: 23rd January '21

For such a small community we have numerous websites. This is not ideal because it fragments local community information. Historically, the Parish Council website (a previous version to this one) had pages for all of the community groups. This wasn't kept up to date and so a separate website was created, managed by volunteers, but despite a lot of work this too was difficult to keep up to date.

At the end of 2019 discussions were taking place to centralise all the community groups, including the Parish Council, onto a single website. In March '20, in response to the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, a separate website was established for the CCRG (Coddenham COVID-19 Response Group). Later in 2020 the website changed to become the Coddenham Community Response Group and does a good job in providing a website presence for many of the community groups.

The Parish Council had already decided to change from its previous website provider due to difficulties in editing, and it considered a number of website providers, including moving to the new website created for the CCRG.

Unfortunately becoming part of a single website by using the same website as that created for the CCRG was not possible. This is primarily for three reasons:

1. Cost: the Parish Council has a responsibility, and accountability, to parishioners to manage what it spends, since the money comes from all of our council tax bills. The website platform created for the CCRG would have cost taxpayers >£600 per year, at least six-times what our current platform costs (just £100 per year).

2. Legal Compliance: Parish Council website are required by law to publish certain information (such as minutes, agendas, finance reports) and to be accessibility compliant. The website platform created for the CCRG did not have the capability (without expensive development) to do this. Our current provider (Suffolk Cloud) are specialists in Parish Council websites.

3. Editorial Management: because of the legal requirements on a Parish Council, unlike other community groups, strict control is required over editorial content. This control would not have been possible on the CCRG platform.

So, whilst it is not ideal to have multiple website for such a small parish, the situation was unavoidable. It is hoped that this can be addressed in the future and the current Parish Council website does have the ability to provide unlimited web pages to community groups at no cost if required. In the meantime the multiple websites are committed to working together and providing links to each other.


Planning: The Dukes Head

Last Updated: 15th December '20

 Dukes Head

At the end of October plans to turn the Dukes Head into a house were approved by Mid Suffolk District Council planning officers.

The Parish Council has for many years been escalating the situation with the Dukes Head pub on the High Street, lobbying for action to be taken to reinstate it as a pub.

The owners applied for permission to convert the building into a home and although the Parish Council objected, Mid Suffolk District Council received only 4 comments from residents, 2 in favour of conversion, and 2 against. 

There was also a five year “Asset of Community Value” period. This allows for other interests to come forward to try and activate community interest in the site. However, despite the very best efforts of some parishioners, unfortunately nothing was able to be resolved. It was only with great reluctance that the Parish Council determined to raise no objections to the application. 

Over the years it has been clear that, as with so many village pubs, it is no longer viable for continuing as a pub. Whilst this is extremely disappointing we do have the excellent Country Club in Coddenham as well as a number of very good pubs nearby.

East Anglian Daily News article

Planning Approval


Parish Council Noticeboard

Last Updated: 15th December '20

IMG 0426

As part of the recent improvements at the entrance to the recreational ground we now have a new noticeboard for Parish Council information.

The noticeboard and fencing is made of “man-made timber”, this is “timber” made out of recycled plastic.

The noticeboard was funded from a District Council Locality Budget grant and our thanks go to District Councillors John Whitehead and Tim Passmore. We’d also like to thank the Community Centre CIO, our Parish Councillor Roy Groom, Alan West  and other volunteers for all the work that made this possible.